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From Bardic, a documentary series about humans and things we do.

Who We Are connects people everywhere and reminds us that everyday people are extraordinary.

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"I try not to sit in it too long. You know? Don't know if I'll get out." Cincinnati, OH

"Everyone here is so nice- all the people and the vendors. I really like it." Cincinnati, OH

"I used to sell dental implants, and my job transferred me here. I was watching a TV show on food trucks, and I had an idea. So, I started researching [...]

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Episode 14: Enough

Cecelia spirals out of control in the search for something deep within, falls into the wrong type of business, and struggles to escape. But first, she has to want to leave. If this episode resonates with you, there is help.

Episode 13: Predicting the Future

Keith and Jacqui try to predict the future everyday... using balloons (and a lot of other technology). Their task is actually deeply scientific, and their stories show that it's never too late to re-invent yourself.

Episode 12: Is it worth it?

Chris is chef/owner of Cook and Dagger Restaurant in Greenville, Rhode Island. He's doing everything right but still asks the question: am I going to make it? BJ is the chef/owner of Red Sesame Korean BBQ food truck in Cincinnati, Ohio who just opened a brick and mortar version of the truck, and he's asking the same question.

Episode 11: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Tom from Wales hikes 1100 miles, and what begins as a nature adventure quickly becomes a test of physical and mental strength. 97 year-old Earl from the US is on a similar journey.

Episode 10: Spinny Chair

Rehaan from the UK grew up in his father's medical office and ultimately ends up in medicine himself, but not by the road you would expect. Through a series of hilarious, challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking events, he discovers how the quest for the perfect chair ultimately changes his life.

Episode 9: Loved

Michelle is an international adoptee from the UK adopted in the US. As a young girl, she learned that only perfection equated safety. She works the first few decades of life toward stability before giving it all away. But why?

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Meet the Voice & Photographer

Carissa Weiser

COO & Cofounder, Bardic

Carissa worked as an audiologist and audiology professor before joining Bardic. She’s now producer for Myths and Legends and works on Who We Are. Her background is in acoustics, auditory perception, and digital sound.

Who We Are is a combination of her original interest in sound/audio and love of photography, podcasting, and storytelling.

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