Episode 1: Michael Likes Numbers

*This episode is from the original Career Day format featuring multiple interviews together.*

Four Michaels who change our idea of numbers.

From being concrete, to abstract, to relational and representing ultimate freedom- numbers may not be exactly what you think. That’s the truth for me. I was blown away by these interviews. I couldn’t believe that I had found four different Michaels who each worked in some significant capacity with numbers. But what surprised me the most was that the perspectives I thought each respective Michael would have was not necessarily the one they provided.

Learn from individuals from accounting, philosophy, land access negotiating, and calculus as they share how childhood memories, facing the real world, heartbreak, and taking chances factor into their careers. These are stories from four people who all like numbers, but for drastically different reasons.

Michael Davis

For Michael Davis, happiness is like cake, and I fully agree because cake is awesome. More importantly, though, there are many ingredients that go into making a cake in the same way that happiness is a product of several different factors. That list includes family, friends, his girlfriend, his career, and hobbies.

This is a story of someone who just could not escape accounting, no matter what he tried. Like someone who takes a right when they should be going left, Michael Davis eventually took enough rights to be going left, all the way into his current field.

Michael Albert

Michael Albert is working on his PhD in philosophy and, eventually, would love to make video documentaries for his field. He’s someone who can take an arguably dry topic and turn it into something manageable and fascinating. I’m also pretty sure that he would crush me in a debate.

One thing he has learned in life is that you can’t trust cats on road trips, no matter what people tell you. Chasing after a little furball in a gas station parking lot on a long interstate drive will do that.

Michael Hoggett

Michael Hoggett likes to feed the wild birds in his backyard. He’s one to really take care of others- whether it be animals or people. This holds true in his personal life, his career in land access negotiating, how he volunteers his time, and yes- even the birds.

He has always had a unique problem-solving perspective, reaching all the way back to his childhood days when an older brother used to take apart toys and Michael Hoggett would piece them back together again. As someone who has experienced incredible heartbreak, Michael Hoggett shares his secret to pressing on.

Michael Four / Michael Blane

He started out as Michael Four, but I’m proud to say that he later told me it was ok to use his real name when people started asking for a transcript of the poem he wrote and shared for the first time on-air.

This interview surprised me the most. I thought I knew what he would say about calculus, but I was completely wrong. As he shared, I saw how who he is as a person enabled him to see math in a different light and unlock the beauty and the freedom that it represents.

Special thanks to Michael Davis, Michael Albert, Michael Hoggett, and Michael Four for sharing their stories with the world.

Episode Music

“Vittoro” by Blue Dot Sessions | “The Envelope” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Arp and Piano Beat” by Podington Bear | “Can I Talk to You” by Podington Bear | “Dry Air” by Podington Bear | “Forecasting” by Podington Bear | “Just Watching” by Podington Bear | “Side Car” by Podington Bear | “Steppin Intro” by Podington Bear


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