[from Career Day] Episode 2: Moment’s Notice

*This episode is from the original Career Day format featuring multiple interviews together.*

Three people who know timing is everything.

Whether making decisions with outcomes you don’t see for a couple years, capturing once in a lifetime events, or showing up at just the right time… we’ll see how three people successfully juggle time, family, and happiness.

James Hook

James is a winemaker who entered the field for practical reasons. He now grows grapes for wine, makes wine, and consults with other growers. In his line of work, seemingly small decisions made today can have a career-defining impact years down the road.

In the early years of his career (before podcasts were prevalent), James used to drive to one of his vineyards, park the car with windows open, and blast the radio. He would walk up and down rows of vines, inspecting growth and status for as long as he could still hear the radio. Then it was time to move the car and start again. That’s one reason why he’s glad to have so many podcasts at his disposal these days.

Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn always knew she wanted to run her own business, but that is- of course- often easier said than done. Back when she was twenty-two years old, she almost died from pneumonia, contracted while she was training for a marathon. That kind of experience helps you re-organize your priorities, but that’s still not what ultimately helped her leave a steady job to begin a new one from scratch.

It’s Kathryn’s job to capture the right moments, many of which occur only once. She also has to make key business decisions that keep her up and running. From pricing, to where she finds clients, to how she put in her last two-week notice, Kathryn’s story of entrepreneurship is one that will resonate with a lot of people, myself included.

John Hamm

John is a fourth generation locksmith in his seventh year with the company. He’s a licensed locksmith, so he’s basically a superhero. Just ask anyone he’s helped get out of a jam. He was in college when the economy took a bad turn, so he decided to stop and pursue a trade. It wasn’t his first plan, but he says he made a good decision. “I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t happy,” he shared.

John says he recently took up golf as a way to spend quality time with his dad. “I’m pretty terrible,” he joked, but it’s a refreshing way to spend time with loved ones. In a career that oftentimes has on-call hours, John makes family a priority and shares how he balances it all.

Special thanks to James Hook, Kathryn Lewis, and John Hamm for sharing their stories with the world.

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