Episode 11: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Let’s talk about Alzheimer’s.

This episode was particularly special to me because one of my own grandmothers had Alzheimer’s and I watched it’s effect on her, my grandpa, dad, family, and myself.

Tom from Wales

Tom is an outdoorsy guy who chooses early on to become a teacher. But after instructing Years 4-5 for about four years, he takes the plunge and sets out to walk 1100 miles around the perimeter of Wales. What begins as a nature adventure quickly becomes a test of both physical and mental strength. Along the way, Tom comes to realize bits about himself he never knew existed and learns that the most important things in life aren’t items you buy, but rather loved ones, kindness, and the world around you- right where you are. Hear how his Welsh Wander grew into something much bigger than himself and is making a difference for people with Alzheimer’s.

97 Year-Old Earl

Earl is 97 years young. He is a master mechanic, electrician, and a participant in a clinical trial for a new treatment for Alzheimer’s symptoms. He remembers the Depression and runs on the bank; he stood in line with his family for their $600, but in the end, they were only given $3. At the time, the family lived on a ranch, and had to give it up. He remembers changing jobs at the start of WWII, riding horses in the mountains, and even hoisting an old teacher’s Model-T onto the roof of a barn using ropes with his friends. In this touching interview, I talk with Earl, his daughter, and his grandson about life past, present, and why they are dedicated to helping those in the future.

Special thanks to Tom from Wales and Earl and family for sharing their story with the world.

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