Episode 8: Want to see a show?

The chemist with an alter ego.

This week, I took a new approach. Instead of the typical 3-4 interviewees, I focused on one person- one story- so I could share a fuller picture. I found myself getting lost in the personal journal of Steve from New Jersey, and I hope you do, too.

Steve from New Jersey

Steve is an organic chemist who enjoys the stability his career provides. But he’s literally the guy waiting for the weekend because, at night, he’s a DIY basement venue operator with several housemates. That lifestyle is no stranger to opposition, is often misunderstood, and actually spans nationwide (and possibly beyond?). Steve must face the struggle of passion versus responsibility to ultimately rationalize and justify his pursuits. Will it be gratitude and comfort or independence and purpose that win out? Or, will the chemist and DIY roles leave Steve unable to support one without the other?

Hear Steve find his fit in an unlikely place that ultimately saved his life.

DIY Scene

Two of the most important understandings about Steve’s story are individuality and collaboration. As with anyone’s story, this is a personal account from one person within a larger group. Steve wanted to stress that he is “by no means a spokesperson” for the DIY community at large, nor is he even the most important person in his house. Instead, it’s all about teamwork, and he freely offers up credit to everyone in his community. He also stresses that his experience, interest, and involvement in the DIY scene isn’t necessarily representative of others. I think that makes it all the more interesting. Talk to five people at a given event, and you will likely hear five different personal stories.


Yes, we talk about this, especially in light of the Ghost Ship Fire I saw in the news back in late 2016. This show isn’t about that tragic incident, but Steve’s reaction to it is part of who he is. I love how open he was, and I admire his willingness to share his story with listeners worldwide.

Special thanks to my guest, Steve from NJ, for talking openly about his story.

Episode Note

DIY music venue lifestyle description, including mention of the words gender bending, men in dresses and lipstick, and illicit substances.

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