Episode 13: Predicting the Future

Predicting the future depends on the world right this minute.

Would you like to know the future? Would it change what you planned on doing? It’s the topic of countless movies, books, and what-if scenarios. But there are real people today who dedicate their lives to trying to answer the question: what’s going to happen hours, days, and months from now? It’s not all science fiction, either… it’s solid science.

Keith Stellman

Keith was always interested in weather, even from a young age. But in college, he pursued civil engineering while on a baseball scholarship. Partway through the program, Keith takes a mentally- and physically-taxing job that brings him to a fork in the road and a tough decision. Following his parents’ footsteps, Keith takes a risk, leaves the familiar (including his baseball scholarship), and changes to a new- yet familiar- field. Does this turn out to be the right future? Only time will tell.

Jacqui Jeras

Jacqui always wanted to be a news anchor, finishing college with a degree in journalism. However, in an early job, Jacqui’s boss tells her that she’ll be filling-in for the chief meteorologist who is going on vacation. Though not her first choice, Jacqui discovers a hidden passion for the science of weather and rises to the top, making it all the way to CNN weather, even covering hurricane Katrina in 2005, a team effort that ultimately wins CNN a Peabody award. But years down the road, Jacqui takes a risk, becoming a freelance broadcast meteorologist and learning that it’s never the end of the road.

Beyond the Podcast

Chili Cook-off Results!

If you listened to the episode, you know that Keith Stellman had a decision to make: white chicken chili (featuring bacon) or his neighborhood-voted traditional chili (secret ingredient: he’ll never tell). Well, the results are in… and out of 9 total chilis (5 traditional, 4 non-traditional)… Keith won Best Traditional Chili. Congratulations, Keith! Below are pictures from the competition, including a 2014 cook-off photo when Jim Cantore appeared as the celebrity judge.

Chili Cook-off

2014 Chili Cook-off

Basement Renovations

Another interesting tidbit about Keith is that he’s apparently an amazing carpenter. He recently re-did his basement with an unbelievable theater room you just have to see.

Keith’s Theater Room- Before

Keith’s Theater Room- After

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