Episode 14: Enough

The battle within: one person’s alcoholism and addiction.

This wasn’t an area I really knew much about before talking with today’s guest. I thought I knew more than I did, but I was wrong. Here’s someone who was willing to share openly about her past- including the illegal parts- and provided a glimpse into the mindset of her struggle.

A Note on Content

Today’s episode includes talk of drugs, drug dealing, alcoholism, addiction, marijuana, a list of other illicit substances, and brings up violent themes.

“Cecelia from Maryland”

Cecelia goes to college at a time when any major is the perfect major, but she’s disappointed to find out that’s really not the case. Looking for a non-profit type of job, she lands a canvassing position for an environmental company. Quotas aside, it’s not the job for her, and she ultimately finds herself in search of new employment. As one job after another ends and pattern develops, Cecelia finds herself falling into heavier drinking and greater drug experimentation until she ends up pushing marijuana herself. As her judgment suffers, she ends up in a few unsavory situations. Does she find a way out, and if so, is there something in particular that helps her escape? Does she ultimately find what the one things she’s been longing for this whole time?

You Are Not Alone

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