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From Bardic, Who We Are is an audio documentary series about real people everywhere.

Like many of the beautiful guests on this show, this podcast has seen a lot of change. What it was at the beginning is no longer what it is today.

This was originally called Career Day, looking at how people discovered their current job and an inside view at things they did. At the time, I was very much trying to figure out my own career and direction, and the podcast reflected that. I had spent eight years in college and graduate school, earned a doctorate, became a vestibular audiologist, worked for several years, and then found myself attacked by one of my patients.

In that single encounter, my view of career and job shattered to pieces.

On one hand, I felt obligated to want to still be an audiologist for the years I’d invested in getting there, but– honestly– I was jaded, my love for audiology turned to resentment, and I wanted to walk away from it all. But how could I? I’d already found my direction, and to leave the profession meant back-tracking nearly a decade. Few people in my life seemed to understand.

So, I started talking to strangers about their career and life. 

It began as genuine interest. What did other people do for a living? How did they get there? What was life as a ___ really like? I was looking for a new career.

What I found was encouragement, perspective, hope, and solidarity…and that was just in the first conversation.

A year before I started Who We Are, I ended up taking a professorship in my hometown at the very university that had given me my doctorate in the first place. Everything had come full circle, and I didn’t have to see patients anymore. In many ways, this was my dream job.

That’s when podcasts changed my life.

My husband and I had started a hobby podcast in 2015 that exploded into a real-life paying gig with sponsors and everything. We couldn’t believe it (and still can’t)! As I edited transcripts, storyboarded, and helped produce our first show in the background, the next leg of my career transition became increasingly obvious: this was what I was supposed to be doing, and all those years studying sound and audio were still very relevant.

I remember the day I left the university for the last time. There was an overwhelming sense of freedom as the door closed softly behind me. It was spring, and I was officially a co-creator, producer, and writer.

We recently passed 60 million downloads for our first podcast alone. I love my career again. And, while I don’t need Who We Are for the reasons I initially did, these intimate conversations warrant a second season.

As you listen to these true stories of hundreds of humans around the world, I hope that you are touched as much as I was and am. You are not alone, and you matter.

Carissa is a former audiologist and audiology professor who knows first-hand that you never know how life will unfold. She is the editor and producer for Myths and Legends and co-creator/co-writer for Fictional, in addition to hosting Who We Are.

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